Our columnar “Golden Delicious" apple tree bears round fruits, light green, golden yellow in the sun. Sweet and juicy flesh.


Our columnar “Burlat" cherry trees bear red fruits, very sweet.


Our columnar “Williams" pear trees bear beautiful green fruits shaded with red, melting flesh and sweet.

Kilos of ripe fruit with the flavours of yesteryear within reach, to the delight of children and parents!

The 10 advantages of our famous columnar fruit trees

  • A harvest within your reach
  • Pick fruit all year round
  • Taste the flavours of yesteryear
  • Big harvests rapidly
  • No pruning unless you want to restrict the height
  • Disease resistant
  • Frost hardy
  • Discount of up to 79%
  • Requires little space, ideal for balconies, patios and small gardens

You will pick large ripe fruits directly from the trunk

This discovery, made by a gardener accompanied by agronomic researchers, made it possible to obtain fruits with the taste of yesteryear: firm, crunchy, juicy, sweet and aromatic. But the most astonishing thing will be to see the faces of your neighbors and acquaintances when they will see these trees on your balcony, terrace or garden, with such large quantities of well-colored fruits grown all year round, directly on the trunk.
No doubt that you will remain with great memories of your children or grandchildren who will come, from an early age, to fill their baskets with fruits combining sweetness and flavor, picked directly from the tree.


Succulent fruit with the flavours of yesteryear

This agricultural research has resulted in fruit with the flavour of yesteryear: firm, crisp, juicy, sweet and delicious. These fruits are sure to bring back lovely memories of fruit picked direct from the tree, combining sweetness and flavour.


100% ORGANIC fruit, accessible to all

No specialist knowledge required to own and plant these dwarf fruit trees. It really is child's play. The cherry on the cake, if I may say so, is that no maintenance is required. Of course, you can limit the height of your tree at 70 cm by cutting it regularly (1 meter; 1.5 meters, 2 meters, it's up to you).


How can we offer such an unbeatable price, from just £8.25, when the same trees are on sale in nurseries and online at prices of up to £39 each?

The answer is simple. Two years ago, we had great success with these dwarf columnar fruit trees, but our low output was unable to satisfy demand and we soon had to halt our advertising campaign. Based on this experience, we placed a huge order with our nursery over two years ago (the time required for our dwarf columnar fruit trees to reach maturity and rapidly bear large crops). This enabled us to negotiate an unbeatable cost price and pass this saving on to you in full. Of course, our direct selling system with no intermediaries also allows us to offer this truly unbeatable price.


Don't waste a second

The planting period extends from October to May. So don't delay, buy them now so you can start harvesting your fruit as soon as possible.


If for any reason you were not satisfied it will be enough for you to return your shrubs accompanied by your invoice. Upon receipt, no matter the condition of your trees, we will refund the amount of your trees by your original payment method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal for small gardens, balconies or terraces, the columnar fruit trees are, in addition very aesthetic. But if you still have doubts, you should read the following:

The principle of the columnar fruit tree is to propose a growth in one single main stem: the trunk that may reach almost 3 m in height. No side branches grow, so that the tree grows exclusively vertically, preserving its first shape of a completely straight column.
You ask yourself immediately where the fruits are going to grow? Because it is true that there are a lot of fruits that grow in such tree and they are real fruits, normal in size and edible!
Actually, fruits are growing along the entire trunk, along the column. We should mention that the spectacle of this entanglement of leaves and fruits is especially graphic and surprising.

Like any other fruit tree… Less the pruning!
And this is indeed something, given that we know that the pruning of trees is often a complicated technical act, besides creating difficulties.
In this respect, the answer is clear: no pruning.
Otherwise, like all the fruit trees, this tree should be placed in sunlight and sheltered against strong winds.
• The columnar apple tree likes clayish soils.
• The columnar pear trees also, but, besides, the soil should be deep because the tree root is revolving and goes very deep.
• The cherry tree prefers well drained soils.

Yes, you should space out your trees within 1 m from one another in all directions.
• Plan for one tree every one square meter in order to reach it easily without risking damaging the crowns. Further, leave a 1 m distance between trunks on the line.
• Avoid planting in several rows spaced 1 m from each other.Opt rather for an alignment on each side of an alley of 1.50 to 2 m in width: your trees shall look better.
• The branches reach out a small distance from the main branch, maximum 20 cm on each side.

At the beginning, when planted (different from one site to another), the tree will look for securing its roots, its survival so to speak. After this vital stage, the plant will think about its reproduction, so it will give fruits. The columnar cherry trees are to be harvested depending on their variety, between May and July. The apple trees between September and December and the pear trees between September and November.
Like any fruit trees, because these are real fruit trees, which give real fruit, we told you that these are real fruit trees, haven't we?
Even if you have just a small space, you may buy several varieties of columnar fruit trees, in order to ensure their reproduction.

The column called also columnar fruit tree or vertical line is a very simple shape, formed of a trunk approximately 30 cm long. It is followed by a vertical branch between 2.50 and 3 m in height. The crowns (short branches with fruits) develop on both sides of the branch.
The advantages of the column
The space it occupies is very small, the trees are planted close to each other and the same area may therefore accommodate numerous varieties. Grouping two different varieties in order to ensure good reproduction is not a problem! A column may be cultivated in a rectangular pot and occupy the balcony or terrace. The blooming and fruits, of normal size and very close to each other along the column, become decorative elements. Fruit growing is very rapid: the first harvest takes place in the year following the planting, in the lower part of the column. Pruning the fructification is reduced or useless.

It is recommended to support the tree, either in the pot or in the ground, at the time it is well rooted.

The columnar fruit trees may be obviously cultivated in pots. Considercontent at least 5 times the content of the crop pot.
A plant grown in a pot depends on the gardener in 2 important respects:
- watering should be continuous and, if it does not rain, leave the ground to dry between 2 watering sessions;
- nutrients are synonymous with good fructification and given that the plant is to exhaust the nutrients from the soil fast enough, consider giving it some adapted nutrients.
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